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Euro to Dollar Currency Calculator Parts of the US and particularly the British secret ‘signs’ are demonstrated to emerge from the student’s masters thesis.

Rights along with the nation’s lack of democracy are simply not supported by the USA’s history of intervention in other states nor by its present activities. Think Guatemala, the Congo, Chile and Nicaragua as examples of a much bigger pool of US actions to tear down legitimate, democratically elected governments and replace them with war, disruption, starvation, poverty, and corruption, dictatorships, torture, and rape and murder for its own financial ends. The latest, Afghanistan, isn’t looking good; in-fact reinstalled a murderous group of warlords which America had earlier installed, then deposed, in favour of the now hated Taliban.

Years ago after he used chemical weapons, exchange rate dollars to euro given by the united states, against the Kurds. At that moment, clearly, that the US thought Saddam Hussein was the man that they were using him against the perceived threat of Iran’s Islamic fundamentalism.

Rightnow, as ‘The Independent’ author, Robert Fisk, has noted, It’s estimated that 200,000 people have died, and countless others been left maimed by the actions of these critters. (needless to say, that the French are also wooing Algeria, their former north African territory, for whatever they’re worth, but they aren’t faking to be more driven by humanitarian concerns.)

 Largest Muslim country on the planet. Its repressive, murderous military is regaining strength on the rear of the usa’s socalled anti-terror effort and is receiving promises of open and covert aid — including intelligence sharing.